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treb concept

1.08.2  è il nostro MARCHIO

We are humble artisans of breeding

We breed from over twenty years, and we like doing things right, with the right times and putting so much love in them.

We have always believed that by working with passion and competence the results can be achieved, and so it was, they arrived constantly reaching, with Ringostarr Treb, a target that seemed impossible. Not certainly to us.


Trebisonda Farm is located in the hills of Lake Garda, right on the Mincio river, and has always been characterized by excellent results, very high percentages of horses in the races (over 72%), very fast horses and top-level performance.

Healthy and strong yearling bred with passion and with a lot of daily work


Trebisonda has been carrying out a different type of breeding concept for years, we follow a particular philosophy.
Food care in terms of quality and quantity, allows a correct weight gain that keeps horses always light, dynamic, with "clean" joints and correct lengths.


The use of medicinal herbs and a great deal of variegated fresh grass, cut in abundance both in the morning and in the evening, from April to November, allows an extremely high quality biological growth.

Foals are handled every day from birth, morning and evening

They live free, day and night, summer and winter, in large paddocks that are always green, cleaned daily and continuously irrigated in spring and summer.


So much movement to make them grow from real athletes, used to compete by playing among themselves and to fight every day, even suffering, for the leadership of the group.


65 of the 90 births (including the letters B born in the 2017) have been on the races (72.2%).
In 2014 with only 14 horses on the track we achieved 41 victories (19.8%)
In 2015 with only 18 horses on the track we achieved 43 victories (14.3%)

In 2016 we achieved 58 victories (16.7%) including 3 Groups 1, with only 21 horses.

In 2017, Ringostarr Treb stood out globally, establishing itself in 1.08.2.

No Italian horse had ever reached this performance. It is the third fastest horse in the world (on a kilometer racetrack) after Sebastian K and Propulsion.

In 2018 with Ringostarr Treb we won Olimpiatravet and then Elitloppett's battery and final at the 1.09 race record

In 2019 we won 2 more Groups 1 with Ringostarr Treb and 2 Groups 3 with Ayrton Treb.

We are, for the second consecutive year, in the top 10 of the ranking of Italian breeders despite a very limited number of births.

If we look at the percentages, our average winnings per starter is double, or three times the other breeders.

In 2019 every time a TREB took to the track it won on average 1,453 euros


... and the challenge continues!


If you are looking for a dream, you know where to find it.


We are waiting for you at Trebisonda!

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