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Our family live in Trebisonda and for over twenty years has been welcoming guests like friends, guaranteeing a family and natural atmosphere, a quiet and pleasant accommodation and a genuine breakfast.

That's all.


We'll give you some good advice to go to dinner in a romantic restaurant where you really eat well.

We can also recommend a winery for good wine, a park where you can accompany your children or walk with your dog, but here, in Trebisonda, we mainly offer rest, serenity and natural well-being.


Somebody read a book, those who take the sun, others take long walks, someone paints a sunset, while the boys are usually always with the horses, at the edges of their paddocks.


Our names are Valeria, Enrico, Leone and Cosimo.


We'll wait for you in Trebisonda to spend some pleasant days of natural relaxation in the family.

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